Clinique Dark Spot Corrector Review 2021


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Clinique Dark Spot Corrector Review

Effectiveness- Highly effective. You will notice the improvement in 4 weeks.

Price- Slightly higher price than other products but reasonable considering its quick effects

Ease of use- Apply 1 to 2 pumps of cream twice a day for a healthy skin

Support- Quick to respond  


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • This brightening serum aids in skin discoloration, acne marks, and dark spots
  • Penetrates 21 layers of your skin to provide necessary treatment
  • Uses ingredients that are gentle on the skin
  • Causes no irritation


  • Customers claim the brand’s 4-week claim for results to be false. It takes much longer than that
  • Expensive given the quantity


Our skin is the most sensitive part of our body and the application of any kind of foreign substance must be reviewed well and only then used. People can have such different types of reactions to certain products that a slight mistake can work against your skin and make things even worse. This Clinique dark spot corrector review will guide you through the features of the product, what effects it can have for your skin, provides an analysis of the ingredients in the formula, and offers better alternatives to it. 

We realize the importance of honest reviews and how beneficial it can be for you in forming an opinion about a particular product. That is exactly what we provide here so that you can make a choice after considering both the positive and negative aspects of the product. 

Clinique Dark Spot Corrector Review: A Detailed Look

Most of us suffer from blotches, blemishes, and dark spots on our skin. Suppose you are one such individual who is looking for a product to get rid of the spots. In that case, you should consider using the Even Better Dark Spot Corrector manufactured by Clinique, a popular cosmetics and skin essentials brand. This brightening serum claims to correct visible discoloration of your skin and remove acne marks, all the while working to avoid the reappearance of dark spots. This product has been called a ‘damage eraser’ that delivers dramatic brightening results over a short period based on the equalizer technology. 

Analysis of the Main Ingredients:

Two key ingredients have been used to make this corrector- the CL302 Complex, and the Interrupter Complex. 

  1. CL302 Complex- This ingredient works wonders on your skin at a rapid speed to rid it of discoloration and visibly reduce dark spots. It includes elements like UP302 or dimethoxytolyl propylresorcinol, a brightening molecule created drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine. Ascorbyl Glucoside reduces the appearance of discoloration. The yeast cluster in this element breaks up the excess pigmentation while the Salicyclic acid peels off the troubled skin to reveal the fresh skin underneath. 
  2. Interrupter Complex- Another ingredient worth mentioning in this Clinique Even Better dark spot review is the Interrupter Complex that boasts of properties like Gyokuro extract. This Japanese green tea prevents irritation. Your skin is protected from free radicals with the rice-bran extract, a commonly used anti-oxidant, and anti-irritant. Few other elements found in the Interrupter Complex are the complex of alive squalene, wheat germ extract, licorice extract, and barley extract. 

All these ingredients are 100% safe as the company claims and as research has proven. They might sound complex but they are extremely gentle on your skin and rejuvenate it. 

How to use it?

Using this cream is easy and it will show results as long as you follow the instructions provided. You must apply it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. 1 or 2 pumps on the fingertips are sufficient for each time you use it. Apply the serum all over your face and avoid the eye region. This must be followed by the application of a moisturizer and sunscreen. 


Customers have hardly ever complained of any side-effects of this product. Clinique has taken extra measures to prevent skin irritation or other similar problems. However, you must take a patch-test before purchasing this corrector. You never know which ingredient is unsuitable for your specific skin type. 

What furthermore ensures healthy and fresh skin is the fact that this product is free of parabens, phthalates, and artificial scent. 


While the Clinique dark spot corrector has emerged as one of the best dark spot correctors in the market, you must also consider certain better alternatives. One such alternative is the Admire My Skin Dark Spot Corrector that contains 2% Hydroquinone and promises you results within 4 weeks of use, faster than any other dark spot diminisher, and is much more affordable than Clinique products.