Best Korean Skin Care Products For Combination Skin 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Majestic Pure 2. Look At Me Nose 3. BE PLAIN

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From the ‘glass skin’ trend to ‘double cleansing’ to the popular ‘Ten Steps Korean Beauty Regime,’ Korean skincare has always been a hot topic in the skincare world. The products are infused with natural and organic ingredients that focus primarily on hydration and rejuvenation.

Buying products for combination skin can be quite tricky and confusing, as it contains both oily and dry skin types. The T-Zone constituting the forehead, nose, and chin area are mainly oily, while the rest of the face is dry and dehydrated. 

Products that are lightweight as well as intensely hydrating are perfect for combination skin types. Korean skincare houses the best products for combination skin. We have filtered out the 15 best Korean skincare products for combination skins so that you can make the right choice and effectively treat your combination skin. 

Top 15 Best Korean Skincare Products For Combination Skin 2021

1. Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask

Skincare enthusiasts are well aware that dead sea mud is loaded with highly effective salts and minerals that can work wonders on your skin. As you can tell by the names, the Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask is infused with the goodness of dead sea mud that makes the skin radiant and glowing. Having properties similar to Bentonite clay, dead sea mud has the ability to detoxify the skin and also work as a full body.

This mask helps get rid of blackheads and whiteheads and rectifies skin texture to give you a rosy complexion. It cleans the pores, gets rid of the dirt and gunk collected on the skin, and reduces their appearance. You will see even-toned skin by using this mask twice a week. 

This product is an excellent value for money as it also works as an anti-aging mask for men and women. It is highly recommended for combination skin as it gets rid of excessive oil and sebum. The Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask is cruelty-free and will help you achieve the nourished, glowing, and rejuvenated skin that you desire.


  • It dries up very quickly. 
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • It tightens the pores and gives an oil-free radiance, with the very first usage.


  • It has a strong smell, which may be bothersome.


2. Look At Me Nose Pore Strips

Nose strips can often be too harsh on the skin, but the Look At Me Nose Pore Strips are gentle enough to be used on all types of skin, including sensitive skin types. Formulated with a super sticky comedones extractor technique, these nose strips act as a magnet to pull out blackheads and impurities from the pores.

When the strip is wet, its nano gel particles bind tightly to the whiteheads and comedones. As the strip dries, the particles bind to the blackheads. When the strip is pulled off, you are left with luminous skin free from blackheads. These strips minimize the appearance of open pores in a painless manner.

Enriched with the goodness of witch hazel, allantoin, and charcoal, each strip will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated, saving it from an oily dehydration rebound. It is made with 100% authentic Korean ingredients and is cruelty-free. Combination skin has an oily T-Zone prone to blackheads, making these blackhead strips perfect for combination skin.


  • It is mild and gentle for sensitive skin. 
  • It is free from SLS, SLES, formaldehyde, triclosan, chemical sulfates, and phthalates.
  • It removes blemishes and suntan.


  • It is not suitable for people suffering from eczema. 



3. BE PLAIN Chamomile pH-Balanced Toner

After cleansing the skin with a cleanser or a face wash, a good toner is much needed to maintain the pH balance of the skin and make it more absorbent to other skincare products. The lightweight and watery texture of this toner make the skin rejuvenated and hydrated. It restores the natural pH level of the skin to 5.5 and helps to strengthen her protective acid mantle of the skin. 

The BE PLAIN Chamomile pH-Balanced Toner is enriched with 80.6% French chamomile flower extract that is an excellent antioxidant. It helps to correct uneven skin tone, mild discoloration and prepares the skin for the following skincare steps. Chamomile extract works like magic on acne-prone and sensitive skin and helps to clear out acne and breakouts.

Centella Asiatica extract stimulates cell regeneration and helps prevent future scarring and blemishes. It calms the skin down without drying it out. All in all, this toner is made of naturally derived and sustainable ingredients and is cruelty-free, making it one of the best Korean skincare products for combination skin.


  • It is extremely mild on the skin.
  • It has a pleasant and faint fragrance of chamomile. 
  • It gives a boost of hydration to dehydrated combination skin and sensitive skin.


  • It might not be hydrating enough for extremely dry skin.


4. Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch

The Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch are latex-free pimple patches made with high-quality hydrocolloids. The hydrocolloids absorb pus from the acne within four hours of its application and minimize the appearance of acne. These pimple patches are non-drying and hypoallergenic. 

The invisible finish of these pimple patches makes them perfect for day-to-day usage. They have ultra-slim beveled edges and stick seamlessly to the skin. The matte transparent matte finish makes them suitable for wearing in the sunlight and also underneath makeup. 

Available in two different sizes, you can use the pimple patches depending upon the size of the pimple or zit. They come in easy-to-peel perforated sheets, which reduces wastage of any product. 


  • This product is extremely inexpensive. 
  • It can be used to heal cystic acne within days.
  • They are super thin and stick well.
  • They flatten acne and surface breakouts or pimples within four to eight hours.


  • They have a limited capacity to absorb acne secretions.


5. Seoul Ceuticals Day Glow Serum

Formulated with 98% naturally derived and 72% organic ingredients, the Seoul Ceuticals Day Glow Serum is one of the best Korean skincare products for combination skin. It has a 20% concentration of Vitamin C, which is potent enough to treat various skin problems. As the name suggests, this serum brightens the complexion and gives it a radiant and youthful glow.

Vitamin C and ferulic acid work together in harmony to reverse signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagging skin, and age spots. This formulation also reduces sunspots and helps to fade acne scars. It minimizes breakouts, clears up acne, and reduces the size of pores.

Other ingredients constitute hyaluronic acid and d-Alpha Tocopherol that provides intense hydration to the skin. Applying this serum in the morning gives a boost of radiance. It is versatile to be worn underneath base makeup and makes the makeup look seamless and even.


  • It suits all skin types and is recommended for combination skin types.
  • It reduces hyperpigmentation and scars that are left by hormonal acne.
  • It has a subtle and sweet orange scent.


  • This product contains dandelion extract, which can cause allergic reactions for users who are allergic to dandelion. 


6. SNP PREP – Peptaronic Complete Korean Skin Care Set

Are you thinking of starting a complete Korean skincare regime that will help you achieve the clear and glass-like skin that you desire? The SNP PREP Peptaronic Complete Korean Skin Care Set contains the best Korean skincare products for combination skin that will help you achieve glowing and radiant skin. This complete kit contains a toner, a cream, a hydrating serum, ten sheets of ampoule masks, and a tone-up cream.

The toner is formulated with five layers of hyaluronic acid moisture barrier that restores the skin’s oil and water balance and gives it a healthy glow. The moisture firming cream replenishes and nourishes the skin with the help of five hyaluronic acids and six kinds of peptides. This cream has a non-sticky formula that imparts elasticity and strength to the skin.

The moisture firming serum makes the skin silky smooth without leaving any greasiness. The tone-up cream is infused with pink kaolin, which soothes down the skin and vitalizes it. The ampoule sheet masks are enriched with the goodness of seaweed extract, spirulina maxima, and hijiki fusiforme extract, which are marine complexes that maintain the hydration of the skin.

This complete Korean skincare kit will be the perfect gift for any loved one. All the products of the kit are full-sized and save you the cost of buying individual products. They collectively target various skin problems like aging, acne, and dehydration.


  • It is extremely cost-effective. 
  • It is suitable for all types of skin.
  • It successfully gets rid of dry patches on the skin.


  • It has a fragrance that might be irritable for sensitive skin.



7. L’Oreal Paris Skincare Collagen Face Moisturizer

Collagen is a protein that is synthesized by our body naturally and is responsible for maintaining our skin’s firmness and suppleness. However, as we age, collagen production decreases, making our skin loose, which is accompanied by other signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. The L’Oreal Paris Skincare Collagen Face Moisturizer is formulated with collagen, which replenishes the shortage. 

This collagen moisturizer can be used both as a night and a day cream to effectively reduce signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines by filling in collagen and moisture. It restores the cushiony plump texture of the skin and nourishes it with a boost of moisture. The non-comedogenic formulation makes it one of the best Korean skincare products for combination skin, as it does not clogs the pores.

It has a lightweight consistency that melts into the skin, absorbs quickly, and does not leave a sticky or greasy residue. Dermatologically tested and clinically tested, this moisturizer is the favorite many and does what it claims without burning a hole in your pocket.


  • It gives fast and visible results from the very first application. 
  • It is affordable. 
  • It provides non-greasy hydration that lasts for a long time.


  • It might be heavy and greasy for oily skin types.


8. Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

Snail extract is one of the most popular ingredients when it comes to Korean skincare. It has the ability to repair and restore damaged skin. The Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule for Face is infused with 80% snail mucin extract, which is a thick and rich secretion and can be extremely beneficial for damaged and dehydrated skin.

This ampoule has a thick consistency that makes the skin flexible and elastic. Enriched with nutritious and certified anti-aging ingredients like Adenosine, this product effectively treats premature signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture to the skin and gives you long-lasting hydration. 

It is dermatologically tested and free from artificial colors and parabens. The fast-absorbing formulation makes it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This product is definitely a revolutionary innovation making it one of the best Korean skincare products for combination skin.


  • It has a powerful anti-aging formula that reduces the signs of aging.
  • It is free from fragrance and does not cause any allergic reaction.
  • It reduces the appearance of pores.
  • It helps get rid of hormonal and cystic acne and unclogs congested pores. 


  • It might leave a greasy feeling that lasts for a few minutes after application.


9. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Special Set

The Face Shop is a trusted and well-loved Korean skincare brand that makes amazing skincare products formulated with naturally derived ingredients. Their rice water bright skincare line is inspired by the enriching benefits of rice water, an excellent element that has been used in Korean beauty treatments for a long time. Rice water is the white milk water left behind after rinsing rice, and it is rich in Vitamin B and minerals.

The set includes a rice water cleansing oil and a cleansing foam. It helps you to double cleanse your skin after a long and tiresome day. The cleansing oil dissolves any makeup and impurities on the skin, while the cleansing foam cleanses any residual dirt and debris from the pores to help you achieve squeaky clean skin.

These rice water bright skincare products have the benefits of vitamin A, B, and E and are also infused with skin-transforming minerals that make the skin bright, glowing and moisturized. The goodness of moringa oil and soapwort cleanses skin gently and purifies skin cells without stripping the skin off its natural oils. Both the products in The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Special Set are free from sulfates, SLS and SLES.


  • Both the products are suitable for combination skin and do not cause any breakouts.
  • They are gentle on the skin and effectively remove makeup and impurities.
  • It does not overly dry the skin.
  • The entire set is extremely cost-effective.


  • It has a slightly overpowering floral fragrance.


10. Viva Naturals Face Mask

Are you looking for a spa-like pampering session that will flush away all the dullness and tiredness from your skin? The Viva Naturals sheets masks will be your perfect partner at the end of a hard day. They come in a pack of eight sheet masks with four variants: exotic lavender, ylang-ylang, sweet orange, and rose oil extracts. 

Made with Austrian cotton fiber in a unique blend with Moso bamboo charcoal, these sheet masks have an easy peel-off design and are saturated with a serum to give you an intense boost of intense hydration. Additionally, these masks are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and do not have artificial scents. Keep these masks on for fifteen minutes and massage the leftover serum on your neck and decolletage area for an overall smooth and supple feeling.

The serum in these masks is enriched with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and glycerin that not only gives an instant boost of hydration to your skin but also gives long-lasting protection from dryness. Black tea and spinach get rid of tiredness and dullness, leaving you with nourished and rejuvenated skin. These masks are dermatologically tested to suit all skin types and are extremely high quality to give you a luxurious experience.


  • The nano-scale particles of the mask fibers have the capacity to hold enough serum to adhere to the skin.
  • They come in recyclable packaging.
  • They are a great value for money.
  • The serum is not greasy or sticky and gets readily absorbed into the skin.


  • The essential oils may cause allergic reactions for users who are allergic to them.


11. I DEW CARE Juicy Kitten Face Serum

The I DEW CARE Juicy Kitten Purifying Power-Green Face Serum is formulated with a powerful blend of green juices and plant-derived extracts. It is free from harmful substances like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, oxybenzone, formaldehyde, triclosan, etc. It helps to purify the skin with its rich antioxidant properties.

This face serum nourishes and revives the skin with the help of an effective blend of green juices that include kale, chlorella, and spirulina. These ingredients are powerful antioxidants and are loaded with nutrients.

Other beneficial ingredients include Moringa seed extract and Heartleaf extract that work synergistically with each other to calm and soothe the skin. The formulation also contains beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), which mildly exfoliates the skin without causing any irritation. It is a vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free product that is clinically tested to suit all skin types, including oily, normal, combination, dry and sensitive skin. 


  • It clears up cystic acne very quickly. 
  • It absorbs into the skin in no time, making it the perfect product for sensitive skin.
  • It is packaged sustainably with FSC packaging. 


  • It contains BHA that increases the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight. Application of this serum at night must be followed by a broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day.
  • It has a fragrance that may irritate the senses.


12. Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask

If you are struggling to remove the persistent blackheads and dead skin cells from your skin, the Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask is an amazing product that might be helpful to you. Combination skin comes with an oily T-Zone and blackheads, making this product one of the best Korean skincare products for combination skin.

Egg whites are rich in albumin protein, which is rich in amino acids and makes the skin healthy and supple. It penetrates deep into the pores and gets rid of impurities, blackheads, and oils that often cause pore-clogging. Albumin also stimulates the synthesis of collagen and enhances the elasticity and flexibility of the skin.

Egg whites have the ability to cleanse out excess sebum, oil, and skin bacteria. It also removes blackheads and the impurities collected in the pores due to a rising level of pollution and micro dust particles in the air. You will see a visible reduction in the size of open and enlarged pores with the very first application of this egg whites pore mask.

This pore mask is also infused with niacin (Vitamin B3), riboflavin (Vitamin B2), selenium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and a complete amino acid profile. These ingredients smoothen the skin and make it soft and clean. 


  • A small amount of the product goes a long way.
  • It gets rid of stubborn blackheads. 
  • It does not dry out the skin excessively. 


  • It contains alcohol. 
  • It is not suitable for sensitive skin.


13. La Pure Korean Snail Sheet Mask

The La Pure Korean Hydrating Beauty Snail Sheet Mask contains seven thousand parts per million of snail mucin secretion filtrate that gives you extra hydration and skin benefits. These masks are made of 100% pure cotton fiber and are paraben-free. Each sheet mask makes your skin glowing, moisturized, and supple instantly.

Snail mucin secretion is one of the most popular ingredients that has been an integral part of Korean skincare for ages. These snail sheet masks bring you the goodness of this traditional skincare ingredient without having to travel to Korea. 

Enriched with effective, natural, and high-quality vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, the La Pure sheet masks can transform your dull and tired skin by giving it a boost of energy. They are formulated with ingredients like star anise, Panax ginseng, the tea plant, allantoin, sodium hyaluronate, aloe vera, and cucumber, which all form a unique blend that targets several skin concerns. 


  • This product is cruelty-free; that is, no snails were harmed during the collection of the snail secretion. 
  • The 100% cotton masks are sturdy and do not tear easily.
  • The masks have a fresh and natural fragrance. 


  • They are thin and dry up quickly. 


14. Tami Sense Anti Aging Face Mask

Clinically crafted with an advanced EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) formula, this face mask helps you achieve younger-looking and radiant skin. EGF or Epidermal Growth Factor significantly reduces as the years add on. Renewal of new epidermal cells reduces to almost half by the time we reach the age of thirty, resulting in the formation of signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.

This face mask is infused with the goodness of botanical skin cell extracts that decreases overproduction and accumulation of melanin in the skin. This results in spotless, radiant, and bright skin. 

It also contains fermented rice extract, which is rich in Vitamin B2, dietary fiber, gamma oryzanol, and linolenic acid. Rice water has innumerable benefits and targets several skin concerns to help you achieve smooth and glowing skin. The bacteria Lactobacillus present in fermented rice water makes the skin shiny and glass-like.

The Tami Sense Collagen Essence Revitalizing All in One sheet mask makes use of Tencel sheets made from eucalyptus concentrations, making this product 100% biodegradable and recyclable. They are cruelty-free and have the capacity to hold up to 33ml of essence.


  • It can be used once a week to hydrate dry and dehydrated skin.
  • It helps to control signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. 
  • It is affordable. 
  • It helps to achieve the popular Korean glass skin.


  • It may cause redness to sensitive skin.


15. Ensskin Jin Jung Sung Soothing Face Moisturizer

If you are looking for a hydrating serum that absorbs into the skin quickly, your search ends here! The Jin Jung Sung Soothing Face Moisturizer Essence Serum is one of the best Korean skincare products for combination skin, as it does not clog the pores in the T-Zone. It is infused with ultra-hydrating ingredients and does not promise instant results. It is recommended to use the product for a long time to see significant and permanent changes.

This face serum is formulated with hydrating ingredients like glycerin, sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), ceramide, meadowfoam seed oil, apricot kernel oil, shea butter, beeswax, and allantoin, which protects the skin from dehydration by building a moisture barrier layer. Other ingredients like botanical squalene, organic lavender water, and aloe vera extract calm and soothe the skin.

It not only hydrates the skin but also gives an anti-aging effect with the help of tightening ingredients like collagen, peptides, adenosine, and niacinamide. It is cruelty-free and free from harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, silicones, phenoxyethanol, and benzophenone. 


  • Ensskin uses patented ingredients like acid amino complex, oriental beauty fruits new plex, and Botanical Plus-10.
  • It is free from artificial fragrance and does not irritate combination skin types.
  • It is an “all in one” product that treats several skin problems. 


  • This consistency is slightly viscous. 


Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Korean Skin Care Products For Combination Skin

Most Korean skincare products are watery, lightweight, and provide long-lasting hydration, making them perfect for combination skin. However, some products are more purposeful and versatile than others. Considering a few factors, you can definitely choose the best products that fit your skin the best.

1. Ingredients 

Combination skin type has an oily and congested T-Zone. While buying the best Korean skincare products for combination skin, the ingredients play an essential role. Comedogenic ingredients or ingredients with heavy consistency like coconut oil, shea butter, etc., can clog the pores and cause pimples and breakouts.

Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, and collagen keep the pores clean and also hydrates the skin. Users should also carefully check for any components that might cause allergic reactions to the skin. Artificial colors and fragrances may also irritate and inflame the skin.

2. Age

If you are struggling with aging problems like fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, Korean skincare can work wonders for you. Looking for ingredients that increase collagen synthesis, cell turnover, and overall skin tightness and flexibility can bring about a significant difference to aging skin. Ingredients like retinol, collagen, ceramides, and niacinamide are excellent anti-aging ingredients that help combat signs of aging. 

For teens and younger users, acne and breakouts are major issues. Additionally, combination skin can be more problematic. Choosing products with exfoliating and antimicrobial ingredients is the right way to go.

3. Sun Protection 

If you are exposed to the sun’s rays on a daily basis, SPF or Sun Protection Factor is the factor you should take into account while choosing the best Korean skincare product for combination skin. The sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays are a major cause of wrinkles, fine lines, premature aging, and sunspots. 

An SPF of thirty should be present in your day cream. You can additionally layer it with a sunscreen lotion for more protection from harmful rays of the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How To Know Whether I Have Combination Skin?

Combination skin type comes with an oily T-Zone ( forehead, nose, and chin) while the rest of the face is dry and dehydrated. There is an easy and simple way to check whether your skin type is of the combination type or not. 

It is recommended to wash your face with a mild facial cleanser and go to bed at night without applying any other products. After waking up in the morning, if you notice greasiness and shine in the center of your face while the rest of your face is matte, you have combination skin.

Q2. What Type Of Moisturizer Should Be Used For Combination Skin?

Finding the right moisturizer can be tricky, especially if it is for combination skin. Combination skin is an odd mix of oily and dry skin, making it very hard to treat. Moisturizers for dry skin are heavy and thick and may clog the pores in combination skin, while watery moisturizers for oily skin might not suffice for dehydration.
It is best to look for a lightweight moisturizer that contains ingredients that absorb into the skin instantly. Moisturizers that do not leave a greasy or sticky residue are best suitable for combination skin types. 

Q3. How Can I Stop My Skin From Breaking Out?

Open pores often attract pollution, dirt, and bacteria. Additionally, excess oil and sebum releases by the sebaceous and sweat glands contribute to clogging the pores. Exfoliation is an effective solution to deep cleanse the pores and loosen dead skin cells.
Ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) present in ingredients like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and the lactic acid act as gentle exfoliators. They not only keep breakouts and acne at bay but also increase cell turnover and make skin smooth and even. Antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredients are equally effective to get rid of pimple-causing bacteria. 

Q4. How To Get Rid Of Blackheads?

Exfoliation and extraction are the most common methods of removing blackheads. Blackhead extraction tools are easily available in the market, and the process can be quite painful.
Nowadays, blackheads strips are gaining popularity for effectively extracting out blackheads. These strips are made of colloidal material that sticks to the blackheads and uproots them as the strip is removed.