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Skincare is all about finding the right products that bring out the natural beauty for your unique skin type. Nature often provides us with the best ingredients, and Panax ginseng is one of the plants that have many valuable benefits for skin and wellness.

Due to its many benefits and long history of successful use in Asia, Panax ginseng (red ginseng) is on the rise in popularity worldwide as skincare continues to be a focal point of the beauty community.

What Is a Ginseng Serum?

Red ginseng is a well-loved ingredient in many Korean skincare products due to its high levels of saponins that can aid in anti-inflammatory purposes. The use of ginseng in wellness is a practice kept for thousands of years in Korea and other parts of Asia, and now these benefits are making their way into western skincare regimens.

Ginseng has high levels of antioxidants that are a must-have for daily skincare and anti-aging defense. The Panax ginseng root is harvested after six years of growth at its most potent stage and turned into a concentrated ginseng extract. The serum is then mixed with other ingredients known to improve the skin’s overall health.

Producers of ginseng serum add vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, licorice, and green tea to add a soothing base of ginseng seed oil for a serum packed with concentrated antioxidant properties. Anyone wanting to improve the feeling and look of their complexion can use ginseng serum.

The use of such highly concentrated ginseng gives the serum a rich scent of the ginseng root and enhances the use sensation on your skin.

It readily mixes with other natural components and herbs to give it a pleasant, revitalizing scent that is comfortable to wear on your face. The benefits of other natural ingredients like the licorice root or rosemary help soothe skin and ease wrinkles.

Not only can it be applied directly to the skin as a topical treatment, but face masks made with red ginseng can further enhance the benefits of this Korean skincare staple. Since it is an extract, you can add it into cleansers, creams, toners, and sprays for a multi-purpose ingredient.

Benefits to Skin

So, what will ginseng serum do to improve your skin’s appearance and health? Why should you invest in a serum you may not have heard of?

High antioxidants help improve skin elasticity and protect you from harmful outside particles and free radicals that speed up aging. Antioxidants in red ginseng attack dead skin cells that clog up your pores and help brighten your complexion and improve skin regeneration.

The dense serum penetrates deep into the skin and lets the natural aspects of Panax ginseng take care of any fine lip lines or other troublesome areas.

Because it is natural and has no parabens, ginseng serum is beneficial for everyone, including those with sensitive or oily skin prone to acne and other blemishes. When applying a serum regularly, you can use it with your favorite moisturizers and toners for an extra defense against fine lines or wrinkles.

Red ginseng improves blood circulation, which plumps up skin by producing more collagen and helps it maintain a youthful glow. It soothes inflammation and redness, bringing a refreshed and energized appearance to any skin texture. Adding this to your routine can boost the radiance of your appearance and improve how well your other products sink in.

The antiaging properties of ginseng are alluring. Ginseng contains many antioxidants and vitamins and has a long history of benefits for the human body. Allowing the skin to regenerate easier with blocked pores cleared and blood flowing, the wrinkles around the eyes and fine lines around the mouth can start to ease away.

How to Use in Your Daily Skincare Regimen

Keeping your skin clean, moisturized, and glowing is a must-have for most people in 2021. It is easy to find out the best methods to care for your skin type through a quick browser search or social media scroll.

Modern technology allows us to stay connected and learn from one another. This is a massive part of the blooming success of Korean beauty products.

Refining your routine in the morning or at night goes a long way; many people love certain products and stick with those for years. Others enjoy the testing of new products regularly to see what the market has to offer them.

Regardless of your stance, adding ginseng serum to your routine is another step towards glowing skin.

Cleanse and Tone

Use your favorite cleanser to cleanse your skin gently. Use a gentle toner to keep your skin’s PH balanced and blemish-free. A clean base is the best way to allow the ginseng serum to penetrate and get to work.

Apply Serum

Adding three or four drops of the serum to your hands, work the ginseng into your skin using a circular patting motion for the best results.

You can apply the serum once or twice a day. Also, using the serum at night allows it to rest on your skin longer. This method keeps the serum, and your skin, away from the stressors of being out and about.

Alongside the ginseng serum, you can apply vitamin c drops or brightening serum and allow that to soak into your skin before moving on to the next step of your routine.


After the serums have sunken into the skin, finish with your favorite moisturizer or continue with your skincare regimen. Many people use the 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine to enhance their glow and keep their complexion in tip-top condition.

If aging is a concern, to help smoothen skin and keep it youthful, other anti-aging creams with beneficial ingredients such as retinol and concentrated collagen are always welcome to the mix.

Other Ginseng Uses

It is essential to understand what we are putting on our skin and why we do it; it is also fun to know what else our natural solutions might do for us.

Ginseng grows around the world in multiple varieties. Allegedly, red ginseng is the original superfood—a tonic that boosts immunity when ingested and promotes overall wellness.

Red ginseng has been a traditional staple in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is still used constantly in teas, tonics, supplements, and seasonings that cross-continental borders for many reasons.

Boosts the Immune System

Many studies claim that taking ginseng supplements helps kickstart the body into fighting off the flu and improving immunity. Studies are still undergoing whether or not ginseng extract can help improve the immune system enough to fight cancer.

Improves Brain Function and Energy Levels

Taking ginseng supplements as a powder, tablet, or extract could help with warding off the Monday blues or final project stress. There is no guaranteed evidence of this being a replacement for coffee, but many people feel revitalized after taking red ginseng consistently.

Increasing Sexual Wellness

(Hold on, this isn’t skincare!)

Taking red ginseng supplements has long been thought to help men with Erectile Dysfunction and women with being more stimulated. While there is no evidence for this, it is clear that ginseng has high levels of stimuli and positive effects on blood flow and vitality.

Now, think about all the benefits it may have for your skin.

As with most supplements, it is best to get a doctor’s approval if you have health concerns or a history of allergic reactions. Many studies have proven it to be generally free of any adverse reactions and risks.


Panax ginseng is a root with lots of benefits and rich history. It helps brighten and smooth skin without irritating, and it’s able to work on all skin types to promote a younger, healthier complexion that retains elasticity despite the wear of everyday life.

Everyone has their own unique skincare needs and goals, and it is vital to consider any allergies or specific requirements when it comes to trying out new products. There are countless options for skincare right at the tip of our fingertips, new opportunities arrive daily, and it is sometimes difficult to find what you need.

Ginseng’s long past can ease the trial and error sensation of testing these new products and watching or reading long hours of reviews. Not only is ginseng a successful topical treatment for aging, collagen production, and antiinflammatory issues, it also can be taken as a supplement for untold aid in a manner of internal problems.

Skincare options are a dime a dozen, but red ginseng has held out for millennia as a valuable and natural supplement for topical or ingested benefits. When it can help you inside and out, it is worth looking into as a new aspect of your daily routine.