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10 Amazing Makeup Transitions

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Skin conditions affect millions of people around the world. Some of them, like eczema, can be uncomfortable or even painful, requiring frequent moisturizer regimens. Others don’t cause physical pain, but they can cause distress or embarrassment for those who have them.

These skin conditions can affect anyone. Celebrities like Elle Fanning have even spoken out about their struggles with conditions like rosacea.

Many people who have these skin conditions say they are used to hearing insensitive or downright cruel comments from strangers. Although each of them has their own natural beauty, the right makeup can help them feel more confident.

Luckily, there are professional makeup artists who know how to help them. Here are 10 of the most fantastic makeup transformations for people with skin conditions.

1. Acne-Prone Skin

Acne-prone skin is one of the most common skin conditions makeup artists see. This woman had some noticeable acne around her cheeks and jawline. Professional makeup artist Goar Avetisyan shared the transformation on her Instagram story to highlight how radically makeup can change your look.

The challenge here is to layer concealer and foundation smoothly and naturally. Avetisyan played with the model’s natural coloring to give the illusion of flawless skin. She completed the look with a nude lip and bold eyeliner and eyebrows.

Makeup can be a great way to cover acne, but it doesn’t fix the problems of oily skin and gland overreactions. Severe long-term acne might need antibiotic treatment or special retinoids. Some patients also have success with using oral contraceptives, anti-androgen treatments, or vitamin A derivatives. You can also try a tretinoin regimen.

2. Lupus Scarring

This woman has lupus, which can cause facial scarring. But on her wedding day, she was determined to feel like a beautiful bride. The makeup artist gave her a fantastic makeup transformation, covering her scars while accentuating her eyes with eyeliner and giving her a bright lip.

Luckily, lupus is simpler to cover since it doesn’t change the texture of the skin. All it took was some skillful layering with powder to correct her skin tone and achieve the look she wanted for her wedding day.

Scarring is only one symptom of lupus, but it can be a particularly traumatic one. Thankfully, there are solutions to improve it. Bleaching creams like hydroquinone may be effective at evening lupus scars, especially ones that have caused the skin to become dark and discolored.

3. Vitiligo

This woman has vitiligo, a skin condition that is characterized by uneven pigmentation. In this case, parts of the skin on her face have lost considerable amounts of pigmentation, while other parts have grown even darker than her natural skin tone.

The difficulty for the makeup artist was to find a foundation that would even her skin. That includes matching her natural coloring while darkening the lighter areas and brightening the dark spots. She chose a subtle eyeshadow, bright blush, and a bold red lip to bring out the model’s natural beauty.

Some people choose not to treat vitiligo at all. But others may find that the condition is advancing quickly enough or affecting their life significantly enough to warrant treatment. Some doctors recommend medications to control inflammation or suppress the immune system.

However, vitiligo can continue to develop, rendering past treatments ineffective. For this reason, many people choose to treat their vitiligo with temporary solutions like makeup. Some makeup artists have had success with products from Kylie Cosmetics to even vitiligo pigmentation.

4. Psoriasis

This girl has psoriasis that mainly affects her face. She says it drastically affects her self-confidence and requires an elaborate beauty routine to manage. Her before and after makeup is dramatically different!

Her technique also shows that makeup to cover a skin condition doesn’t have to be over-the-top. She has a beautiful bare face look going on, mostly highlighting her eyes with dramatic eyeliner and mascara. She has handled the rest of her makeup by applying light concealer and powder with a makeup brush. The finished look isn’t dramatic, but it is enough to help her feel more confident.

Psoriasis can be an uncomfortable or even painful condition. The model mentioned that she has to prepare for weeks before an event where she wants to wear makeup. This process involves moisturizing and applying other products to help flare-ups. Most products for psoriasis are forms of therapeutic lotions to help reduce dryness, flakiness, cracking, and bleeding.

5. Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition characterized by inflamed, red patches and small pus-filled bumps. It can be painful and embarrassing for those who suffer from it, especially if the condition is severe. Makeup application for rosacea can be a challenge because the skin is flaky and very sensitive.

This woman’s rosacea causes facial redness and puffiness. But her makeup look is beautiful and subtle. The makeup artist went for demure beauty products that elevate her natural beauty. She focused most of her attention on evening the skin tone and drawing attention to the eyebrows and eye makeup. The result is brighter, more even skin and eyes.

People who suffer from rosacea may need to use special primers and other cosmetics. This is because their skin can be extremely sensitive and can become irritated from everyday makeup. People with rosacea can avoid flare-ups mostly by avoiding their triggers, although medications can also be effective.

6. Unknown Skin Condition

This model has an unidentified skin condition that caused her severe discomfort, especially when she tried to put on everyday face makeup. Instead, the artist used a special makeup primer and foundation. These were soothing on her face and helped her achieve a beautiful natural look without discomfort.

The challenge here was to even out the model’s skin tone and smooth out the areas with bumps or irritation. The artist focused on making her skin look healthy and bright, opting for a natural, subtle look. She gently emphasized her eyes with a shadow that complimented her eye color and finished it off with a demure lipstick. You can see how much more confident and comfortable she is in her second picture!

Cases like this show that you don’t have to have the most dramatic or expensive products in your makeup bag to improve the look of a skin condition. You just have to have the right products!

7. Pigmentation Condition

This woman has an unspecified condition that causes her skin pigmentation on her face to be uneven. It also affects the texture of her skin. Sadly, the condition has not been responsive to steroids or other treatments. Luckily, she was able to find a talented makeup artist who helped her find another solution.

Her challenge was to find a foundation that evened and naturally smoothed her skin. The result is stunning. The model’s skin looks smooth and natural. They went for a bold look around her eyes, with dramatic lashes. All the emphasis is around her eyes with a pop of deep pink lipstick. The artist also achieved a lightening effect around the model’s eyes to make them extra bright.

Some skin conditions like these might be improved by Kojic acid to brighten dark skin spots. However, since this model didn’t have success with medical treatments, makeup can be an excellent way to help her feel more confident and comfortable.

8. Birthmarks

Birthmarks are entirely natural, but they can be distressing to people who have them on their faces. Sadly, strangers can be cruel and thoughtless about pointing them out. Many people with prominent birthmarks feel like others are mocking or staring at them.

Unlike most skin conditions, there is not a lot you can do about birthmarks. Makeup can be an excellent way to help people feel more comfortable and less conspicuous. This model has a large birthmark on her face that causes redness and discoloration. The makeup artist evened out her skin tone. Because her birthmark also affects her lips, he chose to continue the pallette onto her mouth in a slighter pinker nude shade.

Instead of being overly adventurous with her coloring, he focused on making her eyes and lashes pop. The makeup pictures are stunning. But what is even more incredible is how comfortable and confident the model looks.

9. Scarring

Acne can be painful, but it can make its effects felt long after it is no longer a recurring problem. Many people suffer from acne scars. Unfortunately, there are not many treatments available, although some retinoid creams may help reduce scarring and remove old skin cells.

For this reason, makeup can be a good choice for people who want to cover acne scars. This can be a challenge since scarring causes uneven skin. It takes some delicate foundation work to provide adequate coverage without layering too thickly.

This model has some moderate but noticeable acne scars on her forehead and jawline. Most noticeably, these have contributed to some discoloration around her face. The makeup artist focused on evening out her skin tone and smoothing the scars. They also arranged her hair to frame her face in a more flattering way.

Once they achieved a more even coloring, they focused on tinting her lips a light pink and then going super-dramatic on her eyes.

10. Moles

Everyone has moles on their body, but it can be distressing if they are on your face in large quantities. There are many cosmetic options for moles. Dermatologists remove them routinely, especially since they can become a cancer risk. However, makeup can be a great way to help people with this kind of skin variation feel more comfortable for the short term.

The challenge is that moles are often raised, unlike freckles. Foundation work is critical to make sure that you achieve a smooth, natural surface. With this model, the goal wasn’t to change her skin tone but rather hide the places with discoloration.

The result was a smooth and bright skin tone that was very close to her natural coloring. The makeup artist also added some brightness and intensity around her eyes and lightened her lips. The result is a glamorous look that still plays on her natural beauty.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line of all this? Everyone is beautiful, with or without makeup—and with or without skin conditions. But people who have these conditions may lack self-confidence and feel conspicuous. In the right hands, makeup can make an amazing difference.

Often, the use of both skincare products and makeup can be the perfect combination. If you or a loved one has a skin condition, consider using products to help treat the skin before applying makeup for an incredible look.

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