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Test Your Computer Before a Webcast

Check to see if your computer is ready to participate in the webcasts

  1. Go to the archived webcast
  2. Select either Windows Media Player or RealPlayer with your browser of choice (such as Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) NOTE: Windows Media Player is not compatible with Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, for these webcasts.

    Once you open the media player, you may need to press start in the window on the left (in some cases it may start automatically). The audio should begin, and captioning will appear in the window to the left. In another window, the slides will advance automatically.

    If you are able to view an archived file but it freezes up or stops playing, the best fix in this case is to simply close the media player window and re-open it.

    If the archive file does not play, there are a number of possibilities:

    * Do you have the latest version of Windows Media PlayerTM and/or RealPlayer TM installed? Free downloads are available for both players:
    Download Windows Media Player | Download RealPlayer
    NOTE: Contact technical support at your organization for assistance to install these players.

    Please contact technical support at your organization or Internet Service Provider (ISP) for help with the following possible problems:

    • Are speakers properly connected and working?
    • Is your computer's memory capacity sufficient?
    • Is there a computer network/ISP bandwidth problem?
    • Does your organization/ISP block Windows MediaTM or RealPlayerTM on your network? (firewall issue)

    If you try these steps and are still not sure if your computer is ready to go for the webcast, please call SEDL's Disability Research to Practice program at 800-266-1832 (voice/tty) and ask for technical assistance for webcasts.

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