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Webcast 17
Women with Disabilities as a Health Disparities Population

April 8, 2009, 2:00 PM (CDT)

About the Webcast

Women with disabilities face significant disparities in health and access to healthcare compared to women in the general population. Unfortunately, this fact is rarely acknowledged by institutions and researchers dedicated to examining health disparities, resulting in a lack of funding and attention to discovering strategies for removing these inequities. Dr. Nosek presents current and emerging characteristics of the population of women with disabilities and discusses six areas of gender- and disability-related health disparities, including the disproportionate prevalence of common health conditions, lack of health insurance, barriers to healthcare, barriers to preventive health services, inappropriate treatment in healthcare settings, and lack of health information. She then offers five pathways to change through advocacy for single-payer national health insurance; enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act; and actions by people with disabilities, healthcare professionals, educators, and researchers; and the print and broadcast media.

About the Presenter

Margaret A. Nosek, PhD, is Executive Director of the Center for Research on Women with Disabilities (CROWD). Dr. Nosek is Principal Investigator of the NIDRR-funded Field Initiated Project, "Development of an Internet-Based Self-Esteem Intervention for Women with Disabilities." She is a Professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Baylor College of Medicine, where she has been a faculty member since 1984. She is also adjunct faculty in the Texas Woman's University College of Nursing.

CROWD was established in 1993 in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Baylor College of Medicine, under the direction of Dr. Nosek. Its formation was inspired by the outpouring of support from women with disabilities around the nation in response to the announcement of the team's first federally-funded study of women's issues. The National Study of Women with Physical Disabilities was funded by the National Institutes of Health in 1992 to examine sexuality and associated concerns in this population. Based on the findings of this ground-breaking study, CROWD has conducted further research on topics that have emerged as critical and developed health promotion interventions for women with disabilities using workshops and Internet-based formats.

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