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Resources for the NCDDR's course for NIDRR Grantees: "Developing Evidence-Based Products Using the Systematic Review Process"

Examples of Systematic Reviews

Visit The Cochrane Library:

Visit the Campbell Collaboration's "Library of Systematic Reviews" for examples of approved titles, protocols, and completed C2 reviews:

Parental Involvement and the Academic Performance of Elementary School Children (Nye, Turner, & Schwartz, 2006)

Examples of Scoping Reviews and Rapid Evidence Assessments

Please visit the EPPI-Centre (UK) to see some scoping reviews:

A scoping review of the evidence relevant to life checks for young people aged 9 to 14 years

A scoping review of the evidence for incentive schemes to encourage positive behaviours in young people     

A descriptive mapping of health promotion studies in young people

To check out some rapid evidence assessments, visit:

Rapid Evidence Assessment of Interventions that Promote Employment for Offenders

A systematic rapid evidence assessment of interventions to improve the coordination of service delivery for High Cost High Harm Household Units (HCHHHU) 11995_0=15972

A rapid evidence assessment of the impact of mentoring on re-offending: A summary

Information Retrieval Principles and Practices

Gomersall, A. (2007). Literature searching: Waste of time of essential skill? Evidence & Policy: A Journal of Research, Debate and Practice, 3(2), 8301-308. Available:

Wade, A., Turner, H. M., Rothstein, H. R., & Lavenberg, J. (2006). Information retrieval and the role of the information specialist in producing high-quality systematic reviews in the social, behavioral, and education sciences. Evidence & Policy: A Journal of Research, Debate and Practice, 2(1), 89-108. Available:

Title Registration form example

NCDDR Systematic Review Title Registration Form     

Coding form examples

Nye, Turner, & Schwartz (2006) Parent Involvement coding form     

Nye (nd) computerized Autism coding form     

Lavenberg (2007) Screening forms + Manual and Coding form + Manual (combined file)     

Assessing Study Quality

The CONSORT website

QUOROM (Quality of Reporting of Meta-analyses)
Moher, D., Cook, D.J., Eastwood, S., Olkin, I., Rennie, D., & Stroup, D.F. (1999). Improving the quality of reports of meta-analyses of randomised controlled trials: The QUOROM statement. The Lancet, 354, 1896-1900.
QUOROM Statement
QUOROM Checklist and flow diagram

Effect Size

1. Excel-based effect size demonstration calculator (116kb)     

2. Materials for demonstration calculator (76kb)     

Bernard and Abrami (DRAFT in review)
"Statistical Applications in Meta-Analysis: Extracting, Synthesizing and Exploring Variability in Effect Sizes" (3.5MB)     

Calculating and Synthesizing Effect Sizes: Annotated List of Selective Readings (36kb)     

Training Modules

Module 1: Overview, Topic Selection, and Information Retrieval
  1.1 Orientation to Systematic Reviews
  1.2 Problem Formulation, Information Retrieval, and Searching
  1.3 Framework for a Coding Guide
  1.4 Assessing Study Quality

Module 2: Calculating, Synthesizing, and Interpreting Effect Size
  2.1 Extracting and Calculating Effect Sizes
  2.2 Synthesizing Effect Sizes
  2.3 Interpreting Effect Sizes/Wrap Up

Module PowerPoint™ files

There are no PowerPoint files for units 3, 7, 8, 11, 12, & 14

Module 1, Unit 1 (2.6MB)      
  MS Word version of Module 1, Unit 1 (68kb)      

Module 1, Unit 2 (776kb)     
  MS Word version of Module 1, Unit 2 (96kb)      

Module 1, Units 4, 5, & 6 (480kb)     

Module 1, Unit 9 (216kb)     

Module 1, Unit 10 (448kb)     

Module 2, Unit 13 (216kb)     

Module 2, Units 14 & 15 (2.9 MB)     

Archive recording files

Audio files: QuickTime MOV stream (5.6MB) QuickTime MOV stream (6.8MB) QuickTime MOV stream (6.6MB) QuickTime MOV stream (7.3MB)
E_unit7_podcast_102307.mp3 MP3 (13.1MB) QuickTime MOV stream (7MB) QuickTime MOV stream (28MB)
F_units8-9_podcast_103007.mp3 MP3 format (25.8MB)
F_units8-9_podcast_103007.wma WMA format (28MB) QuickTime MOV stream (5MB)
G_unit9_podcast_103007.mp3 MP3 format (5MB)
G_unit9_podcast_103007.wma WMA format (29.7MB)
H_unit10a_podcast_111307.mp3 MP3 format (25.8MB) Please skip first 2 minutes
H_unit10a_podcast_111307.wma WMA format (6.7MB) Please skip first 2 minutes
I_unit10b_podcast_111307.mp3 MP3 format (14.2MB)
I_unit10b_podcast_111307.wma WMA format (7.7MB)
J_unit12_podcast_112707.mp3 MP3 format (25MB)
J_unit12_podcast_112707.wma WMA format (25MB)
K_unit13a_podcast_121107.wma WMA format (39.3MB)
L_unit13b_podcast_121107.wma WMA format (16.5MB)
O_unit_15_archive_020508.WMA WMA format (5.6MB) [48 Min. Powerpoint/discussion]
P_unit_16_archive_020508.WMA WMA format (7MB) [59 Min. Powerpoint/discussion]

Windows Media Audio/Video files: (PC only)
  (requires Windows Media Player - Not Macintosh compatible)

A_unit1_lmarchive_092607.wmv (3.6MB)
B_unit2_lmarchive_092607.wmv (4.5MB)
C_units4-5_lmarchive_100907.wmv (5MB)
D_units6-3_lmarchive_100997.wmv (5MB)
E_unit7_lmarchive_102307.wmv (3.6MB)
F_units8-9_lmarchive_103007.wmv (3.6MB)
G_unit9_lmarchive_103007.wmv (4.5MB)
H_unit10a_lmarchive_111307.wmv (4.3MB)
I_unit10b_lmarchive_111307.wmv (4.8MB)

MS LiveMeeting High-Fidelity Presentation files: (Zip archive file - PC only)
Download and "unzip" the files; click on "START." In some cases you may be asked to install the "Live Meeting Replay Wrapper." (11MB) (7MB) (10.6MB) [49 min.] (7MB) [ 64 min.] (7MB) [48 min.] (8.4MB) [59 min.]

Reading list of books, articles, and Web sites: NCDDR_readlist.doc     

Course Syllabus:     

If you have questions, please send email to: or call (800) 266-1832.

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